Award-Winning Sample CEO Resume | Executive Resume Writer

Award-Winning Sample CEO Resume | Executive Resume Writer

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best executive resume writer ceo resumeReady to put your personal brand in front of the world?

As a CEO, your executive influence on growth and strategic decisions must be evident to employers, Boards, and investors.

This CEO landed a choice executive role – and his CEO resume won a global Toast of the Resume Industry (TORI) award by conveying a strong value proposition.

Capturing and conveying your executive brand is my specialty.

“Laura is an outstanding, must-have asset in our extremely competitive environment. Her work gets noticed and gets results.”

Frank K, Senior Executive (see Frank’s review on my LinkedIn Profile)

The FIRST PAGE of this interview-winning, award-winning CEO and Board Advisor resume is shown below.

CEO and Board Advisor Resume Sample


What makes my CEO executive resume writing service the best choice for you?

Crystal-clear branding and a deep analysis of your ROI

Work with a globally known CEO resume writer to gain a distinct advantage! I partner with you to build a memorable personal brand evident throughout your executive Resume and LinkedIn Profile.


Ensure your value proposition stands out in today’s competitive market

executive resume writerMy executive clients experience OUTSTANDING results and increased confidence as a result of my services. I know the qualities that employers seek – and many executives miss – that can make or break a hiring decision.

If you struggle to articulate your executive value and career achievements, you’re in the right place for expert help.

You’ll benefit from an accomplishment-driven resume and LinkedIn Profile that compels hiring authorities to select you as the top executive candidate! Contact me to win more interviews for 6 and 7-figure jobs.



Ranked among top executive resume writers worldwide, Laura Smith-Proulx is a multi-credentialed, award-winning writer who partners with CEOs and other executives to win choice jobs through targeted personal branding and executive resume writing services.


As a Certified Resume Writer, Master-Level Resume Writer, nationally published resume writing expert, Nationally Certified LinkedIn Profile Expert, and globally recognized, 21-time Award-Winning Executive Resume Writer, Laura’s resume writing and LinkedIn writing expertise has won interviews for 20+ years.

Among the World’s Top Credentialed Resume & LinkedIn Experts

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Featured in Global Media

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Worldwide Reputation for Excellence in Resume Writing

executive resume writing expert Laura Smith-Proulx
Executive Resume Writing

“Laura, both of the recruiters were impressed and said they’d never seen such a well-designed resume. They couldn’t stop talking about it.

I’m going into the second round of interviews for the top position.”

-Paul, Hospital Executive

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Executive resume writer and LinkedIn profile writer Laura Smith-Proulx partners with CEO, CFO, CNO, COO, CIO, CTO, CISO, CMO, CRO, Board, EVP, SVP, Director, VP, IT, and other leaders throughout the Americas, Europe, and APAC.


 Win more interviews by working with an 11-time credentialed, multipublished, and global award-winning executive resume writer and LinkedIn authority known for superior resume writing, personal branding, and job search insights.






Get the results you deserve in your job search.



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