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Executive Resume Services for C-Suite, Board, & Rising Leaders

As an award-winning, 11-time certified executive resume writerLinkedIn expert, and former recruiter, I work personally with you to win the interviews you deserve, using compelling personal branding that gets RESULTS.

My work has earned a 98%+ success rate and reputation for excellence in the global resume industry – winning interviews for 20+ years.


If your phone isn’t ringing for top executive jobs, don’t waste another day

Contact me for distinctive executive resume writing services and LinkedIn Profile development that will make the difference in your career.


As a former recruiter, I know what makes or breaks a hiring decision

Many executives miss these cues when writing their own resumes. But don’t take my word for it – read what my executive resume service clients have to say:

“I hired Laura after an exhaustive search to find the best resume writer… I could not have been happier with Laura’s attention to detail and the quality of her work. Anyone can write down your work history, but Laura identifies who you are and your accomplishments in a unique way that truly gets attention.

—Robert H., VP Global Business Services

“I sent an email just 3 hours ago, and have already received a call for an interviewThe resume WORKS!”

—Todd K., Commercial Development COO

“Laura’s work is exceptional… providing a highly valuable service that gets results! She is a master at capturing career experience with both speed and precision into a product that makes a difference.

PLUS, she knows exactly the techniques to fully leverage LinkedIn and keyword SEO. I highly recommend Laura’s professional services.”

—J. Clarke, Engineering Executive

executive resume writer Laura Smith-Proulx


executive resume writer and LinkedIn profile writer

Serious about shifting your career into high gear in 2020?

Hire a renowned resume and LinkedIn expert – and leverage branded executive resume writing as your best weapon.

Dedicated to your success, I offer you resume writing and LinkedIn expertise that has won interviews for 20+ years as a Certified Resume Writer, Master-Level Resume Writer, nationally published resume writing expert, Nationally Certified LinkedIn Profile Writer, and globally recognized, 21-time Award-Winning Executive Resume Writer.


Get the results you deserve in your job search.


I’m Laura Smith-Proulx, top global award-winning, 11-time certified Executive Resume Writer, LinkedIn expert, and former recruiter.

With a 98%+ success rate in resume writing and LinkedIn development, I work personally with you to win the interviews you deserve, using compelling personal branding that gets RESULTS.

Serious about shifting your career into high gear? Hire a renowned resume expert – and leverage branded executive resume writing as your best weapon.

If your phone isn’t ringing for interviews that reflect your true stature, don’t waste another day. Contact me for distinctive, powerful executive resume and LinkedIn Profile writing that will make the difference in your career.


Why Choose My Executive Resume Writing Service?

Executive resume writer award-winning resume expert


With 11 global credentials as a Certified Professional Resume Writer, Master Resume Writer, globally published resume expert, and one of the most sought-after executive resume writers in North America, my expertise has won interviews for 25+ years.

As a former recruiter, I know what employers want – and most executives miss – that can make or break a hiring decision.

See my award-winning, interview-winning samples to get a glimpse of the high-powered quality and resume writing strategy I’ll create for you.

I have been offered employment alreadyand I truly believe that it was the resume you created. All of the interviewers commented on the resume quality.

This is the absolute perfect position for me. I could see myself there for years to come. Thanks for everything!”

Ted N.
Purchasing Executive

“I hired Laura after an exhaustive search to find the best resume writer… I could not have been happier with Laura’s attention to detail and the quality of her work.

She took the time to understand who I am, my accomplishments and what I contribute to an organization before beginning to write my resume.

Anyone can write down your work history, but Laura identifies who you are and your accomplishments in a unique way that truly gets attention.

Robert Higgins

Laura, count me among the satisfied clients benefiting from your 98% success rate. I’ve just been hired into my newest executive role.”

Statewide Director
Governor's Cabinet

“I want to thank you again for your excellent work. I found a new position quickly and your resume had a lot to do with that.

I had 4 offers and 7 interviews within 2 weeks and every single company commented on the resume!

Thanks again for doing such a great job! It is truly a career investment that pays off.

Claudia R.
Marketing Executive

“The SVP at Lee Hecht Harrison told me that my executive resume and biography were the best he had ever seen! He wants your contact information for other executives in transition.”

Mark W
VP Asset Management

“Laura was able to quickly turn around a professional resume that received a lot of responses.

I was offered a position within a month.”

Lynda G.
WW Market Segment Manager

“Just wanted to let you know that the first time I used the resume, I got the job! Maybe I was in the right place at the right time, but after more than a year of searching before coming to you, I believe that your resume was the key.

Melanie G.
Land Development Executive

“I sent out 10 resumes and received 9 calls back, even from companies without posted openings.

I set up 6 interviews and received 3 job offers. I took the one I had wanted all along. Great job!”

Mark S.
Investment Vice President

I’m in the second round of interviews with a Big 10 University. The responsibilities are a great fit with what I have done and would like to continue doing. At least 2 interviewers mentioned how impressed they were with the resume.

The head of HR mentioned that she saw a lot of resumes, and this was one of the best in terms of getting the point across quickly. Another interviewer wanted your contact information.

Thanks again for the great job!”

Elaine P.

“I showed the resume around, and the executive recruiters went out of their way to compliment me on the quality.

They said it was very well-written, and played to my strengths much more so than the resumes they typically see. My schedule is already filled with interviews.

Robert J.
CEO and President

“I’m absolutely amazed at your knowledge of resumes and the job market for executives!

Your job search coaching brought up a lot of strategies that I didn’t even know existed. Now I’m ready to make a powerful first impression with the new resume.”

Jim F.

“As an executive in transition… I vigorously endorse Laura and her work.

After many hours of speaking with me, she crafted an amazing new rebranded set of credentials.

I am still astonished at how someone who has not known me for 20 years could define my brand so succinctly.”

Chris Dancy
Chris Dancy
Software Marketing Executive

Laura is an outstanding and must-have asset in our extremely competitive environment. Her work gets noticed and gets results.”

She is a gifted writer… consultative in her approach, committed to complete customer satisfaction.

Laura has the ability to cull through your background and extract pertinent data into an impactful final product.”

Frank Koos
EVP Sales

“I sent an email out just 3 hours ago, and I have already received a call for an interview.”

Todd K.
Commercial Developer & COO

“As In-House Counsel for a Fortune 1000 Company, I retained Laura to revamp my resume.

As a result of her attention to detail, Laura was able to grasp complex topics quickly… and highlight my broad skill set, with a product worthy of my past accomplishments.

I highly recommend Laurato all others who want to get on the fast track to success!

K. Dahlke
General Counsel

“Laura presented my achievements in a way that allowed my resume to stand out in the pile of resumes received for the best positions.

I have received positive feedback from recruiters and most importantly, prospective employers, on the uniqueness and quality of my resume and LinkedIn Profile.

I have no doubt these items were key tools in helping me land my dream job.

Michael L.
VP Operations

“Laura, I wanted to send you an update. I have a new job and start the first of next month.

Everyone that I interviewed with thought I had an amazing resume.

Kim C.
Senior Sales Representative

“Laura, I have accepted a job offer from XXX Engineering Corporation as COO, and your resume was quite helpful in the process.

I appreciate your assistance, and will recommend your service to friends and associates.

Sam T.

Your magic WORKED! John landed a $14K increase with an IT Director job.

He got calls immediately–more in one month than he did in the last 10 months.

As for me, I am amazed at the statistics – submitted for 10 jobs, received calls for 6. We will NEVER update our own resumes again!”

Joanne F.
Program Manager

“I honestly feel the resume you created for me allowed my new employer to see the contributions I could make.

I have accepted a position as Vice President with oversight of international operations.”

Ken M.

Those that think their current resumes are great will not know absolute PERFECTION unless you engage Laura’s services. It is worth every penny spent to obtain a recruiter’s perspective in this tight job market.”

Wendy Schultz
IT Project Manager

“I looked on the Internet for an executive resume writer and talked with several. I chose Laura and am very pleased to have been hired within a month. I would and will recommend Laura in the future.”

Brian I.
CEO, Real Estate Investment

“Dear Laura, Thank you. I wouldn’t change a thing. You are worth every penny.” (Later: “I want to thank you for your assistance with my resume and cover letter targeting (ABC Services Company). 

I accepted a job offer from this company on Friday.”

Judy D.
Financial Operations Executive

“My husband was right when he told me you were the BEST in this field!

I am awed by your ability to pull together bits and pieces of the information that I’ve given you, and compose such a focused and well-supported resume.

I don’t think I would want to change anything. It is perfect the way it is.”

Galina G.
QA Management

“Absolutely AMAZING!!! These are exactly what I wanted to market myself as–incredible! I am so excited about the resume. I showed it to my mentor and others that have worked with me, and they said you captured the essence of who I am as a working professional. They were very impressed.”

(Later: “Just to let you know that after I started using the resume I had many phone calls and interviews. Today I was offered a position as the Manager of HR.

It is exactly what I was looking for, and the pay is beyond what I was making at my other job. The one thing that helped me was my resume. They just had to talk with me once they got it. Once again, you’re AWESOME.”)”

Chris Vaughan
Human Resources Manager

“I have already received compliments from recruiters on the quality of the resume. I appreciate all that you have done to bring my experience to life on paper.”

Bob M.
Chemicals Industry Marketing Executive

“I haven’t had time to submit any job applications, but I posted my resume on Monster and Career Builder, and I have received 20+ responses. I have three interviews this week!”

(Later: “I just wanted to let you know I am starting a new job tomorrow. The company contacted me from my resume on Monster. Thank you again for making the job hunting process much less painful!)”

Cherise R.
Operations Manager

“My husband (IT Director) had a TON of interviews–and job offers--after you wrote his resume. I also found that I was called for many great opportunities with the resume you created for me.

Your work is very well-developed, easy on the eyes, and gets great results from companies where it is very hard to get a foot in the door!”

executive resume
Sarah J.

“As you know from my wife’s message, I accepted a position as VP of IT. I believe a large part of that goes to the great resume you created for me. I’ve had several calls once it was posted.

You truly work magic with resumes and I am glad we found you.”

John F.
VP of IT

“I wanted you to know that I’ve received a number of compliments on my resume,  and have had a lot of interest and interviews. Thank you again for your help.”

Tim T.
SVP, Strategic Alliances

“You wrote my daughter’s resume, which is why I called. She just accepted a new Finance leadership job, and I’m sure the resume had a lot to do with that.

It was quite impressive!”

Father President
Mike S.
Company President

“Thank you for the excellent resume and cover letter. I really think you are amazing. I wish I possessed the grand and eloquent way you are able to put the written word on paper. (You make me sound like superwoman!)”

Janet Ward

“I am looking forward to having so many interviews that I have to decline offers!”

Robert M.
VP of Programs

“I can’t believe how you were able to turn all those pages of information I sent into such an impressive resume. I’d hire me in an instant!”

“I have to say – the interviewers kept asking me how I’d gotten such a great resume. They were impressed with how it covered everything they needed to know. I’ve been interviewed at least 5 times since I started to send it out. Thank you for your insight and the exceptional work.”

"I hired Laura after an exhaustive search to find the best resume writer and LinkedIn Profile writer... I could not have been happier with Laura's attention to detail and the quality of her writing.

She took the time to understand who I am, my accomplishments and what I contribute to an organization before writing my resume.

Anyone can write down your work history, but Laura identifies who you are and your accomplishments in a unique way that truly gets attention."

R. Higgins

VP Global Business Services


"Count me among the satisfied clients benefiting from your 98% success rate.

Your executive resume writing services made the difference! I've just been hired into my newest executive role."

Statewide Director

Governor's Cabinet

"I want to thank you again for your excellent work. I found a new position quickly and your executive resume writing service had a lot to do with that.

I had 4 offers and 7 interviews within 2 weeks and every single company commented on the resume!

Thanks again for doing such a great job! It is truly a career investment that pays off." 

Claudia R.

Marketing Executive

What makes my executive resume writing service the best choice for you?

Superior Personal Branding

As your personal resume writing expert, I spend 12-15 hours in strategy and writing AFTER getting to know you (in a deep-dive personal strategy session)... building a masterpiece resume that wows hiring managers, PE, recruiters, and Boards.

Award-Winning Writing

My executive resumes and LinkedIn Profiles have won a record 35 total honors over 12 years in the TORI resume competition... and my work is often cited as a resume industry benchmark for a high interview-winning success rate.

Global Reputation

My advice on resume writing, job search, and LinkedIn Profile writing has been featured in 60+ global media outlets including Forbes, CNN, Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, Job-Hunt.org, CIO.com, CNBC, PayScale, and more.

See my interview-winning, award-winning resume writing samples

As your personal executive resume writer and LinkedIn Profile writer, I work DIRECTLY with you to analyze and capture your brand.

The result? An achievement-driven executive resume and LinkedIn Profile worthy of the corner office.

Ready for results in your job search?

See why my executive resume writing service and LinkedIn Profile writing is the best choice for you

See More Interview-Winning Executive Resume Samples



My executive resume services have earned a high success rate landing interviews for leadership roles - opening doors to executive jobs at Microsoft, Google, and other top corporations, plus startups and boutique firms. As Job-Hunt.org's LinkedIn for Job Search Expert, I also educate you on hidden job market and social media tools crucial to your success.


As an executive resume writer who looks deep inside your career stories, I pull out your value-add. My clients say this is the best career marketing experience of their lives! As resume trends change constantly, I stay active in the National Resume Writers' Association, Career Thought Leaders, The Career Experts, Professional Association of Resume Writers, and Career Directors International.


From 2007 through 2019, I've achieved 35 total TORI awards and nominations - a record among executive resume writers! I also speak at international resume writing conferences. My advice on executive resume writing, LinkedIn, and job search has been featured in 60+ global media outlets including Forbes, CNBC, and the Wall Street Journal, and as a LinkedIn Premium Career coach recruited by LinkedIn.


You work only with me as your executive resume writing expert, receiving an extended personal strategy session with me to create exceptional documents that accelerate your success. You'll find out why my executive resume writing services are considered the premier global benchmark for resume branding! I'm often sought as an executive resume writer who can brand clients as well as companies have branded themselves.

Laura Smith-Proulx Is An Executive Resume Writing Expert Featured in:

Forbes  -  Wall Street Journal  -  CBS MoneyWatch  -  ComputerWorld  -  International Business Times  -  CareerBuilder  -  Illinois Worknet  -  CIO.com  - Monster.com   -  MinnesotaJobs.com  -  HealtheCareers.com  -  Business Exchange  -  MetroUSA Newspapers  -  Jobing.com  -  The Denver Post  -  RegionalHelpWanted.com  -  BioSpace.com  -  CareerRocketeer  -  ITWorldCanada  -  WorkItDaily.com  -  HCareers.com  -  Recruiter.com   -  SHRM   -   MetroChicagoJobs.com  -  LocalJobNetwork.com  -  TIME  -  Glassdoor  -  CNBC   -   Chicago Tribune  -  The Daily Mail  -  Recruiter.com  -  CNN Money  -  SmartBrief

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Executive resume writing services & personal branding for C-suite, Board, & rising leaders

Executive resume writer and LinkedIn profile writer Laura Smith-Proulx partners with CEO, CFO, CNO, COO, CIO, CTO, CISO, CMO, CRO, Board, EVP, SVP, Director, VP, IT, and other leaders throughout the Americas, Europe, and APAC.


 Win more interviews by working with an 11-time credentialed, multipublished, and global award-winning resume writer and LinkedIn authority known for superior resume writing, personal branding, and job search insights.






Get the results you deserve in your job search.



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