And the answer is… when it’s on your résumé!

If you read my usual reviews on résumés, you already know that the objective is considered self-serving and BORING by many hiring managers. In fact, check out this post from a colleague.

A Qualifications Profile or Summary will always set you apart–but only if you put real thought and strategy into it.

To make it effective and eye-catching, write 3-4 sentences that accurately describe your credentials. Any longer, and the reader is turned off by reading the BOOK you just put in front of them.

Don’t copy your friend’s résumé summary, since this profile needs to sell YOU.

Sprinkle some personal qualities throughout the summary—and skip the tired phrases. Know any “self-motivated team players?” So do most employers.

Throw in a notable achievement to spark some interest. Pull out a major accomplishment or two, and summarize these up to show what kind of reputation you have at work.

The key take-away here is that hiring managers want to read something new, fresh, and thought-provoking on your résumé. Give it to them!