This strategy is part of a series I’ve developed in response to these classic LinkedIn job search questions: 

“Why are others getting hired off LinkedIn, but not me? What am I doing wrong?”

In Part 1: Your Connections, I explained why you MUST build more Connections–even if this seems a simplistic strategy–because doing so will boost your findability and reputation.

Here’s more of what’s needed to make LinkedIn to work harder for your job search:

2 – You DO need to get involved in Groups.

Rather than just joining Groups that represent your personal interests, religion, or current job, consider the Groups that represent your goals.

Where are you headed in your career? What job do you expect to have 10-15 years into the future?

Now join those Groups—the ones that contain like-minded people who’ve already arrived at your career goalpost, or who are likely to be the people you need to use as role models for your ultimate objective.

Get to know them; send a LinkedIn invitation to them and explain why you’re interested in connecting, and how you read their blog, admire their company, or share an alma mater. Find something in common and touch base from time to time.

Participate in these new Groups, instead of being the quiet lurker no one knows. Post an occasional article that reflects your professional views, and ask others for their input. Write an article and after you’ve successfully published it in your field, circulate it in your Groups.

Continue to join additional Groups, study their member behaviors, participate in the dialogue, and circulate information.

THIS is the strong path that leads to becoming a thought leader in your industry! Will it get you noticed? Absolutely – you’ll see a rise in your traffic and Connection volume.

Will it get you hired? You’ll never know unless you try it.

Up next: What’s the Secret to Getting Hired From LinkedIn? (Part 3: Analyzing Your Competition)

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