It always surprises me that job seekers aren’t on the receiving end of some of the best advice for their career search–especially when it’s FREE and updated continually by respected career experts.

To accelerate your search and maximize the ROI of your efforts, tap into the best of the best! I highly recommend becoming familiar with these 8 resources NOW if you haven’t done so already: is my most often-recommended site. Why? Because not only does it cover EVERY subject you (and I) have ever thought of on career transition, it sources information from true experts in the field. Read it here first–and believe what they say. Chris Russell has done an outstanding job of ensuring that professionals can tap into the thoughts, advice, and how-to instructions from a wealth of career experts. I’m NOT just recommending this site because of my affiliation, either. Check it out and you’ll see why. Barbara Safani has tapped into a key method for finding your next role; namely, that of directly contacting those who stand the best chance of appreciating your skills. Talking directly to hiring managers is the optimum search method! Don’t worry about finding these companies – that’s what FTT Research does for you. Hone in on your parameters, including geography, title, type of company, financial status, etc. first to get your results, then prepare to get a jump on your competition. Although new to the blogosphere, the MBA Highway LinkedIn group has founded an immensely useful portal for career advice. Topics include everything from being outplaced, search techniques, and establishing a true career marketing campaign. I’ll just bet that YOU are on this business information search engine. With 37+ million profiles of companies and employees, you’re bound to find a) yourself; b) hiring managers in your target companies; c) former employees of your target companies (my personal favorite for getting the inside scoop); d) all of the above. Please refer to answer “d”. Don’t just hunt down your next job on the “big” boards–choose an aggregator like this one or When they say “one search, all jobs” on indeed, they MEAN it. Quit wasting time searching all the boards when you can look at just one. No list of job resources would be complete without this powerhouse. Quick, name one site where you can present your brand, be directly hired by a recruiter, post to forums that establish your credibility, create new business relationships, apply Search Engine Optimzation techniques to your profile, and keep others updated on your professional status. Move over, Twitter. Yes, I know it’s a site for news and entertainment updates, much like a cyber newspaper or blog. (and yes, I am an Examiner) However, if you haven’t tapped into the Careers and Workplace section, you’re missing much more than just yours truly. Ben Eubanks, Heather Huhman, Liz Ryan, Miriam Salpeter, and lots of others hang out there, too.

No list would be complete without noting,,, and others.

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