Resume too outdated to impress employers? Get it updated before a recruiter calls

The inquiries all start out in a similar fashion: “I’ve been contacted by a recruiter for a dream job at (fill in the blank here: Google, Microsoft, Citibank, etc.), and I haven’t polished my resume in months or even years. Can you help?”

Do I want to help? Absolutely. But with the rush of great candidates in the running for equally great jobs, there’s a limit to how much I can do.

Don’t get me wrong—I LOVE to write about your technology or operations career… digging in to find out why you’ve earned promotions, how your work addressed challenges, and the ways you make revenue for employers—in other words, the salient points that make a recruiter sit up straight and reach for the phone.

However, there’s only so many hours in my day—which brings me to the reason why September is Update Your Resume Month.

For those of you who haven’t heard, Career Directors International is on a mission to remind all professionals of the need to keep an updated resume on hand.

(Disclaimer: I am a proud member of CDI—a renowned credentialing and development resource that’s a must for leaders in the careers industry.)

The scenario that I described above happens all the time, where a stale resume is the only thing standing between a job hunter and a lucrative opportunity.

So, whether you decide to reach out for professional resume help, or spend time analyzing and updating your own resume, I urge you to take time out for your career—and get that resume into top form before opportunity knocks!