You might be aware that age discrimination in the job search has increasingly become evident, but what can you do to combat it when writing a resume?

In my practice, I usually find that professionals encountering age bias are also encouraging it by providing blistering detail on every job since college. A few simple rules for marketing yourself can help to avoid this pitfall and position yourself more strongly:

Remember that employers are interested in what you have done lately. It is perfectly acceptable to delineate the past 10-15 years of your experience, and sum up the rest without dates. Of course, this is another way to keep your resume to a readable length.

Be cautious when using your years of experience as a qualification. Stating that you have “over 25 years of experience…” can date your expertise and imply that you have not learned anything new! In addition, it limits the ability of the resume to speak to your skill level.

Ensure that dates are used to your advantage. For example, a good rule of thumb is to omit the graduation date on any degree older than 10 years.

I am a huge fan of prominently displayed achievements, core strengths, and contributions, in lieu of dates, for an effective resume. After, all this gives you the best opportunity to focus on your key skills, rather than on your age!