When it comes to a job hunt, it isn’t just the content of your resume that will make a difference–it’s the speed at which it can be read and digested that determines which candidate makes the cut.

If you’ve been struggling to capture ALL of your experience and qualifications on paper, this might just be the problem! Stop trying to load your resume with too many details, and zero in on your main qualifications.

Ask yourself what your top 3 qualifiers are–then write directly to them. What do you REALLY want an employer to know about you?

Take out a piece of paper and jot down your 3 strongest qualifications for the job. For example, this could be a recent degree that is sought-after in your field, your leadership tendencies that achieve on-time project success, or your ability to bring in new business.

Now, write your resume AROUND these points, taking into consideration that the document should give a clear picture of your overall background as well.

Not sure what strengths to highlight? Conduct a little real-world research (my favorite strategy, as it tells you what employers REALLY look for in a candidate).

Spend some time on www.indeed.com for keyword mining – and print out a job description from your search. Next, circle some areas that match your expertise. Focus your thinking around these requirements, and the skills needed to meet them.

The result? A targeted resume that precisely describes your fitness, strengths, and unique qualifications for that particular job type.