For anyone who has cultivated a strong network over time, only to find that their inner circle has imploded over the past few years, welcome to the club.

Rebuilding a network (or trying to discern which parts of it are still viable) have become commonplace among job hunters. This article in Forbes points out that there are different options for creating a network this time around.

As an executive told me recently, “There’s simply not enough of my ‘old guard’ left and I have to be on-target with everyone I meet, online or offline.”

The article goes deep into one of my favorite resources, LinkedIn, to find out ways to tap company insiders. Apparently, looking for those who’ve already HAD your desired job is a resourceful way to identify the movement of professionals between companies.

I’ll have to add that to my ever-growing arsenal, How to Get Hired Fasterwhere the chapters on online networking keep threatening to take over the whole book.