If you’re struggling to convey the magnitude of what you’ve achieved throughout your career, you’re in the same boat with many others. This seems to be the ultimate sticking point for resume writing on many levels… where candidates just can’t make that leap through the WORDS to get to the MESSAGE.

The best way to get employers to take note of what you can do for them, though, is to quantify it and put it in terms that anyone can understand. Again, if this seems tough to do, don’t despair.

I recommend taking a step back and looking at the overall picture when it comes to your work. What projects were you taking on at each company? And what did these projects actually DO for that employer? Cut inefficiency? Increase income? Allow it to compete on a larger scale?

If you can recall the size and scope of different initiatives that you’ve handled, you’re at a good starting point. By scope, I mean budget, number of people affected, and so on.

Your next step is to look at the impact your efforts had on the project, then the effect that this project had on the company. It shouldn’t be hard to do, especially if you had to get involved with stakeholders who had to be convinced that this project was essential to their department, or user that were eager to get to the results stage because they KNEW what effect the project would have.

So… beef up Designed detailed program specifications for businesses in the Western region like this:

First Iteration:
Created detailed technical requirements to support $750K project affecting 12 locations in the Western region.

Second and final iteration:
Supported companywide transition to imaged processing that saved 10 FTEs ($550K annually) by creating detailed technical specifications for $750K project affecting 12 locations in the Western region.

Yes, it’s longer, but the final version of this sentence talks about the context (an impact to the whole company), plus quantifiable achievements that occurred as a result ($550K annual savings), plus the size of the overall effort ($750K).

These figures are the absolute essentials to a strong resume! Plus, they speak directly to employers about your effect on the bottom line, which is a hard message to ignore.