Resumes and Other Deliverables

Resumes and Other Deliverables

As a leading resume expert and award-winning resume writer, I specialize in the following types of resumes and other career-boosting deliverables:

  • IT Director Resume, LinkedIn Profile, Bio
  • Chief Executive Officer / CEO Resume, LinkedIn Profile
  • Business Intelligence Executive Resume
  • Chief Operating Officer / COO Resume, LinkedIn, Cover Letter
  • Offshore Development Director LinkedIn Profile
  • Public Involvement Director Resume
  • Vice President / VP of Sales Resume, LinkedIn Profile, Cover Letter
  • Chief Technology Officer / CTO Networking Resume, Resume
  • Regional Sales Manager Resume, Cover Letter
  • Finance Director Resume, LinkedIn Profile, Cover Letter
  • Nonprofit CEO & Director Resume, LinkedIn Profile, Cover Letter
  • Construction Superintendent Resume
  • SVP Customer Service & Operations Resume, LinkedIn Profile
  • Credit Management Director Resume
  • Warehouse & Logistics Director Resume, LinkedIn, Cover Letter
  • IT Manager Resume, Cover Letter, Bio
  • Operations Director Resume
  • VP Medical Affairs Resume, LinkedIn Profile
  • Chief Information Officer / CIO Resume, Bio, LinkedIn Profile
  • VP Cloud Business Development Resume, LinkedIn Profile
  • Human Resources / HR Director Resume, Cover Letter
  • Media Relations Manager Resume
  • VP Asset Management Resume, LinkedIn Profile, Cover Letter
  • Banking Operations Executive Resume, Cover Letter
  • VP of Investments Resume
  • Real Estate Development Executive Resume, LinkedIn Profile, Bio
  • Operations Director Resume
  • Director Clinical Affairs Resume
  • General Manager (GM) Resume, LinkedIn Profile, Cover Letter
  • Network Operations (NOC) Director Resume
  • Consulting Practice Director Resume, Bio, LinkedIn Profile
  • Project Manager Resume
  • Supply Chain Executive Resume
  • Technology Vice President (VP) Resume, LinkedIn Profile
  • Construction Project Manager Resume, LinkedIn, Cover Letter
  • Communications Director LinkedIn Profile
  • Business Development Director Resume
  • Retail GM Resume
  • Senior Product Manager Resume & Bio
  • PMO Director Resume & LinkedIn Profile
  • Chief Financial Officer / CFO Resume, LinkedIn Profile, Bio
  • Supply Chain Director Resume, Cover Letter, Bio
  • Vice President of Mortgage Resume
  • IT Executive Resume & LinkedIn Profile
  • Restaurant GM Resume & Bio
  • Transportation Executive Resume
  • Pharmaceutical Sales Resume
  • Senior Business Analyst Resume
  • IT Architect LinkedIn Profile & Resume
  • Software QA Manager Resume
  • SAP Implementation Director LinkedIn Profile & Resume
  • VP Software Engineering Resume

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“Laura, both of the recruiters were impressed and said they’d never seen such a well-designed resume. They couldn’t stop talking about it.

I’m going into the second round of interviews for the top position.”

-Paul, Hospital Executive

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Executive resume writing services including:
CEO Resumes, CIO Resumes, COO Resumes, CFO Resumes, CMO Resumes, Board Resumes, CISO Resumes, CTO Resumes, CNO Resumes, CRO Resumes, EVP Resumes, VP Resumes, and CDO Resumes for US, APAC, and European markets.

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Executive resume writing services & personal branding for C-suite, Board, & rising leaders

Executive resume writer and LinkedIn profile writer Laura Smith-Proulx partners with CEO, CFO, CNO, COO, CIO, CTO, CISO, CMO, CRO, Board, EVP, SVP, Director, VP, IT, and other leaders throughout the Americas, Europe, and APAC.


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