When writing your resume, step outside the standards of “what I did and who I did it for” (for just a moment!) and start to visit the one critical element that will help you stand out: career marketing.

What does this refer to? Well, since I was asked this directly today, I will elaborate!

Typically, what I find missing in most people’s résumés are some stories that they can tell verbally, but they do not realize this kind of information should be added to the document.

However, when I ask what kind of achievements they possess that make them stand out from their colleagues, nearly everyone can tell me why they are more qualified, or what has set their work apart in the past.

I find it quite interesting that the major “qualifiers” that most people possess–and that most employers would want to know about–are absent from the résumé even while they are in the forefront of job seekers’ minds.

For example, if you were interviewing in competition with another candidate that possessed a similar background, what would you say in response to “Why should we hire YOU?”

Remember – the job search rules have changed forever, and “career marketing” is now the definition of a resume.