So, you’ve filled in your LinkedIn Profile with all the right data: an attention-getting Headline, solid About section, robust Skills, and appropriate Experience.

However, it’s possible your carefully selected LinkedIn Photo doesn’t even show up!


Why? You neglected to make it visible.

That’s right: people outside your network cannot see you unless your Profile Photo Visibility is set for Public views. Here’s why this is important:  according to LinkedIn, the ability to see your face online can net you up to 21 times more Profile views.

Believe it or not, many people unknowingly neglect to choose the right Photo settings, meaning there are countless faceless Profiles on LinkedIn. Yours could be among them if you haven’t checked Visibility settings.

So you not only need to select and upload a great headshot, but if you don’t take the right steps, it won’t be seen by prospective connections (here, we’re talking about recruiters or employers).

Changing your Photo from faceless to easily found is simple! Sign into LinkedIn and click on the pencil icon next to your photo; you’ll see “Visibility” at the lower right-hand corner on the Profile photo that pops up.

Clicking here will show you the current settings and allow you to select Public, which is the ONLY setting that ensures full access to your Photo.

Public is the default for when you upload a Photo for the first time. Note that the other settings (Your connections, Your network, All LinkedIn members) will NOT guarantee that employers or recruiters can see it.

Before restricting your Photo visibility, reconsider: think about what happens when you’re confused and trying to track someone down on LinkedIn. Without a photo, how can you tell if you’re looking at the right Profile?

Remember, you’re on LinkedIn to build professional connections and establish rapport:  both are crucial steps to reaching next-level career success.

Nothing is as unique as your face – so ensure your LinkedIn audience can match it to your value proposition, name, and reputation.

Unless you have a good reason to hide your Photo, the Public Visibility setting will be the best choice to support your job search.