If it seems that you’re generating quick interest from employers, but your job search is still taking longer, it’s not your imagination.

To conduct an informal survey of career professionals, my colleague Julie Walraven recently posed a question on LinkedIn that seemed to inspire similar answers from those of us in the careers industry.

Many seasoned, leadership-level professionals are finding that interest in their skills has picked up over the past 6 months. While this is a good sign, it doesn’t always mean that companies are truly ready to hire.

Consider the saga of one client, who recently noted that “after 3 successful interviews, I did not hear back from a large employer. Upon calling, I was informed that the Board was considering a merger with another organization, and there would not be a need to fill the slot I had interviewed for should the merger take place.”

The good news? Companies ARE showing interest in well-qualified candidates.

The not-so-wonderful news? They’re not always able to do something about it, which means that you’ll need to hang in there and continue to build productive relationships for your search.